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                                                  MATLAB PROJECTS

Final Year IEEE Projects 
                                All below projects are with us...

  1. Remote Sensing Image Fusion via Sparse Representations Over Learned Dictionaries
  2. Evaluation of Spatial and Spectral Effectiveness of Pixel-Level Fusion Techniques
  3. Spatiotemporal Satellite Image Fusion Through One-Pair Image Learning
  4. Evaluation of Spatial and Spectral Effectiveness of Pixel-Level Fusion Techniqu
  5. Hybrid Pansharpening Algorithm for High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery to Improve Spatial Quality
  1.  Sum-Product Algorithm Utilizing Soft Distances on Additive Impulsive Noise Channels
  2.  Downlink Optimization with Interference Pricing and Statistical CSI
  3.  Evaluation of the Low Error-Rate Performance of LDPC Codes over Rayleigh Fading Channels using Importance  Sampling
  4.  Extended Reed-Solomon Codes for Optical CDMA
  5.   The Multicell Multiuser MIMO Uplink with Very Large Antenna Arrays and a Finite-Dimensional Channel
  6.   Study on Inter-Cell Subcarrier Collisions due to Random Access in OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Networks
  7.   Normalized Adaptive Channel Equalizer Based on Minimal Symbol-Error-Rate
  8.  Generalized Mean Detector for Collaborative Spectrum Sensing
  9.  Energy and Spectral Efficiency of Very Large Multiuser MIMO Systems
  10.  Stochastic Decoding of LDPC Codes over GF(q)
  11.  SHARP: Spectrum Harvesting with ARQ Retransmission and Probing in Cognitive Radio
  12. Per-Antenna Constant Envelope Precoding for Large Multi-User MIMO Systems

  1.  Perceptual Quality Metric With Internal Generative Mechanism
  2.  Local Edge-Preserving Multiscale Decomposition for High Dynamic Range Image Tone Mapping
  3.  Fast Positive Deconvolution of Hyperspectral Images 
  4.  Fuzzy C-Means Clustering With Local Information and Kernel Metric for Image Segmentation
  5.  Image-Difference Prediction: From Grayscale to Color
  6.  Modified Gradient Search for Level Set Based Image Segmentation
  7.  Variational Approach for the Fusion of Exposure Bracketed Pairs
  8.  Catching a Rat by Its Edglets
  9.  Image Denoising With Dominant Sets by a Coalitional Game Approach
  10.  Human Detection in Images via Piecewise Linear Support Vector Machines
  11.  Nonedge-Specific Adaptive Scheme for Highly Robust Blind Motion Deblurring of Natural Images
  12.  Missing Texture Reconstruction Method Based on Error Reduction Algorithm Using Fourier Transform Magnitude   Estimation Scheme
  13. Video Deblurring Algorithm Using Accurate Blur Kernel Estimation and Residual Deconvolution Based on a     Blurred-Unburned Frame Pair
  14.  Comments on “A Robust Fuzzy Local Information C-Means Clustering Algorithm”
  15.  Multiscale Image Fusion Using the Undecimated Wavelet Transform With Spectral Factorization and    Nonorthogonal Filter Banks
  16.  Efficient Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptive Gamma Correction With Weighting Distribution
  17. Wavelet Bayesian Network Image Denoising 
  18.  Nonlinearity Detection in Hyperspectral Images Using a Polynomial Post-Nonlinear Mixing Model
  19.  Image Quality Assessment Using Multi-Method Fusion
  20.  Unified Blind Method for Multi-Image Super-Resolution and Single/Multi-Image Blur Deconvolution
  21.   In-Plane Rotation and Scale Invariant Clustering Using Dictionaries
  22.  Analysis Operator Learning and its Application to Image Reconstruction
  23.  Robust Ellipse Fitting Based on Sparse Combination of Data Points
  24.  Learning Dynamic Hybrid Markov Random Field for Image Labeling
  25.  Coupled Variational Image Decomposition and Restoration Model for Blurred Cartoon-Plus-Texture
  26.   Images With Missing Pixels
  27.  Computationally Tractable Stochastic Image Modeling Based on Symmetric Markov Mesh Random  Fields
  28.   Image Sharpness Assessment Based on Local Phase Coherence Fields
  29.   Colorization-Based Compression Using Optimization
  30.  A Generalized Random Walk With Restart and Its Application in Depth Up-Sampling and Interactive Segmentation     Library-Based Illumination Synthesis for Critical CMOS Patterning
  31.  Variational Optical Flow Estimation Based on Stick Tensor Voting
  32.  GPU Accelerated Edge-Region Based Level Set Evolution Constrained by 2D Gray-Scale Histogram
  33.  Orientation Imaging Microscopy With Optimized Convergence Angle Using CBED Patterns in TEMs
  34.  Multivariate Slow Feature Analysis and Decorrelation Filtering for Blind Source Separation
  35.  A Variational Approach for Pan-Sharpening
  36.  Segment Adaptive Gradient Angle Interpolation
  37.  Texture Enhanced Histogram Equalization Using TV-L1 Image Decomposition
  38.  Novel True-Motion Estimation Algorithm and Its Application to Motion Compensated Temporal Frame      Interpolation
  39.  Nonlocal Regularization of Inverse Problems: A Unified Variational Framework
  40.  Image Inpainting on the Basis of Spectral Structure from 2-D Nonharmonic Analysis
  41.  Image Completion by Diffusion Maps and Spectral Relaxation
  42. Gaussian Blurring-Invariant Comparison of Signals and Images
  43.  Corner Detection and Classification Using Anisotropic Directional Derivative Representations
  44.   Fusion of Multifocus Images to Maximize Image Information
  45.  A brain tumor segmentation framework based on outlier detection
  46.  Inception of Hybrid Wavelet Transform using Two Orthogonal Transforms and It’s use for Image Compression
  47.  A Comparative Analysis of Image Fusion Methods
  48.  A Multi-Resolution Image Fusion Scheme for 2D Images based on Wavelet Transform
  49.  A New DCT-based Multiresolution Method for Simultaneous Denoising and Fusion of SAR Images
  50.  Brain Segmentation using Fuzzy C means clustering to detect tumour Region
  51.  Comprehensive and Comparative Study of Image Fusion Techniques
  52.   Detection of Epileptic Activity In The Human EEG-Based Wavelet Transforms
  53.   Morphological image processing approach on the Detection of tumor and cancer cells
  54.   EEG signal classification for Epilepsy Seizure Detection using Improved Approximate Entropy
  55.   Efficient image compression technique using full, column and row transforms on colour image
  56.   Grading of rice grains by image processing
  57.   Higuchi fractal dimension as a measure of analgesia
  58.   Hybrid Dwt-Dct Coding Techniques for Medical Images
  59.  Innovative Multilevel Image Fusion Algorithm using Combination of Transform Domain and Spatial Domain      Methods with Comparative Analysis of Wavelet and Curve let Transform
  60.  A New Approach to Image Segmentation for Brain Tumor detection using Pillar K-means  Algorithm
  61.  Multi layer information hiding -a blend of steganography and visual cryptograph
  62.  Non-destructive Quality Analysis of Indian Basmati Oryza Sativa SSP Indica (Rice) Using Image Processing
  63. Quality Evaluation of Rice Grains Using Morphological Methods
  64. Algorithmic  Approach to Quality Analysis of India Basmathi Rice using Digital Image Processing
  65. SVD Based Image Processing Applications: State of  the Art Contributions and Research Challenges
   66.  Wavelet Based Image Fusion for Detection of Brain Tumo


  1. QOS-Aware and Energy-Efficient Resource Management in OFDMA Femtocells
  2. Spectrum Sharing Scheme Between Cellular Users and Ad-hoc Device-to-Device Users
  3. A Practical Cooperative Multicell MIMO-OFDMA Network Based on Rank Coordination
  4. Downlink Resource Allocation for Next Generation Wireless Networks with Inter-Cell Interference
  5. SINR and Throughput Analysis for Random Beamforming Systems with Adaptive Modulation
  6. Robust and Efficient Multi-Cell Cooperation under Imperfect CSI and Limited Backhaul
  7. Minimum Energy Channel Codes for Nanoscale Wireless Communication
  8. Spectrum Sensing for Digital Primary Signals in Cognitive Radio: A Bayesian Approach for Maximizing Spectrum   Utilization

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